Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 ETF (H.K.)
Product Type Index-Tracking Exchange Traded Fund Inception Date 2009/08/13
Management Fee 0.38% Dividend Payout Annually (if any)
Fund Manager Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Advisor None
Trustee and Registrar HSBC Institutional Trust Services(Asia) Limited
Legal Adviser Deacons
Auditors KPMG
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Trading Currency HKD

Fund Data
Data Date 2016/07/28
Net Asset Size 9,735,944.32
Total outstanding units 1,000,000
Increase / decrease in units as compared to the preceding Dealing Day 0
NAV per unit 9.73
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Trading on Stock Exchange
Type Exchange Traded Fund
Listing Date 2009/08/19
Stock Exchange The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) - Main Board
Stock Code 3002
Trading Board Lot Size 200
Trading Currency HKD
Underlying Index FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 Index
Closing Market Price 8.84 29/07/2016 (Suspended)

Master Fund Data
Fund Name Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 ETF
Trading Currency NTD
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Estimated NAV Enter
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Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 ETF (H.K.)
Settlement Date of Fund 2016/07/28
Total Asset Size 9,735,944.32
Outstanding Units 1,000,000
NAV per unit 9.73
Effective Date of Subscription & Redemption N.A.
Application Units for Creation/Redemption by Participating Dealers Minimum 500,000 units (or multiples thereof)
Subscription Amount per Creation Application unit N.A.
Transaction Fee per Application unit Up to 3%
Type of Creation/Redemption Application Only Cash
Estimated NAV


Yuanta / P-shares Taiwan Top 50 ETF (H.K.)
Trading Currency Trading Exchange rate NAV per unit on the previous dealing day Estimated NAV per unit Estimated
Time Bench-mark Bench-mark Value
HKD HKD/TWD 9.73 11.94 0.76 2016/
0050.TW Enter


*Trading Exchange Rate is adopted to calculate NAV per unit on the preceding
dealing day and Estimated NAV per unit.
* The Trading Exchange Rate is not a real time exchange rate and is an
assumed rate that based on the exchange rate from Thomson Reuters as of
4:00 p.m. (Hong Kong time) on the preceding trading day provided by the Trustee.
*Estimated NAV Return (%) = [Estimated NAV per unit / NAV per unit on the
preceding dealing day] - 1


Market Makers:

Yuanta Securities (HK) Company Limited

Commerzbank AG (Frankfurt)

Participating Dealer:

Yuanta Securities (HK) Company Limited